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For Our Future... The quality of life on these islands depends on three important factors.


The people of Hawaii are blessed with an extraordinarily beautiful home. Along with this blessing comes the sacred responsibility of stewardship. As responsible stewards we require the knowledge and passion to act in defense of the 'aina... we are entitled to know what goes into the land and streams we love, and the air we breathe, and the ocean that sustains our island culture.  We have a right to know what goes into the food we eat and the products we use. It is our birthright to breath clean air and drink pure water. We as a people cannot continue to blindly hand over these inherent rights, so that a privileged few may prosper at the expense of the health of our land and people.


Prosperity is the birthright of everyone in the islands. Our lands are abundant and plentiful, and while we certainly know how to relax and enjoy life... we are also hardworking and productive. However, those-in-power have developed a "plantation" mentality over the years whereby the common citizen of Hawaii isn't really considered an independent entity with rights and privileges... but rather more of an indentured servant... buying from the company store, eating at the company mess, sleeping in the company bunks and voting the company line.


The future, of course, lies with our keiki. But our youth grow up and fly away, often never to return except briefly on holiday. There is often no opportunity awaiting our young graduates beyond the hospitality industry and other tourist service occupations.We need to develop a technological infrastructure so that our best and brightest are not lured to the mainland.  We need to provide a stronger emphasis on providing our youth with a solid and relevant education that will serve them in the 21st century. 

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